“She’s what you want in a doctor,” Wade Malone said. “She was compassionate and understanding and caring but very realistic. We will always be grateful for that. She’s just an amazing lady.”
The Malones hold Mitchell-Leef in such high regard, they named their son Samuel Mitchell Malone.
“We wanted to honor her and what she meant to us in the most special way we could,” Malone said. “We have a bond there with her that will never be broken.”
— Excerpt from Atlanta Business Chronicle about Dr. Mitchell-Leef

I cannot sing Dr. Mitchell-Leef’€™s praises loudly enough. After learning that we had infertility issues from my regular OB/GYN, we were tasked with choosing a specialist out of many in the Atlanta area. My husband, a physician, knew to look no further than Dr. Mitchell-Leef. She is quite simply a pioneer in this field, and her reputation among physicians is one of being a renowned expert. That she certainly is.

During my time as her patient, she diagnosed and/or brought new light to multiple issues that impacted our fertility, including endometriosis, autoimmune disease, and a genetic blood-clotting disorder. She thoughtfully, carefully, and wisely treated each one, including performing surgery, using cutting-edge medication treatments, and treating each cycle with precision and full attention. Throughout our journey, she was a combination of direct, honest, curious, hopeful, and patient. No matter what obstacle my body presented, she developed new plans and new approaches. I have no doubt that it is because of her care and the true dedication and top-notch training of her staff that we achieved two successful pregnancies and now have two healthy, happy children. Not a day passes that we don’€™t feel true gratitude for Dr. Mitchell-Leef and RBA.

We continue to keep in touch with our team there and love sharing updates and photos as our children grow. I never hesitate to refer friends to Dr. Mitchell-Leef and have, numerous times, recommended that women get second opinions with her when they run into challenges with other clinics and physicians.
— Tricia (originally posted on Vitals.com)

I love Dr. Mitchell-Leef she is the very best infertility doctor in the US. Highly recommend RBA. The provide excellent care & wonderful staff. We wouldn’t have our daughter without Dr. Mitchell-Leef !!
— Diana Ferreira (originally posted on Facebook)

Love Dr. Mitchell-Leef. She was amazingly supportive through our long journey to become parents. I had many complications, but every dead end we ran in to, I felt assured that she still had another game plan we could try. And she did. Here we are with three beautiful RBA babies (twins and a singleton). I couldn’t be more happy with the entire RBA team, and I thank God for Dr ML for helping me grow my family.
— Anonymous (originally posted on RateMDs.com)

Simply love Dr Mitchell-Leef. Wouldn’t be tucking in my three kids tonight if it wasn’t for her determination to help me become pregnant and stay pregnant. She is smart and knowledgeable. If you want to become a parent, Dr. Dorothy will be the one to help you figure out how. Thank you Dr? Mitchell-Leef!
— Anonymous (originally posted on Vitals.com)

I can’t say enough about Dr. Mitchell-Leef and her team at Reproductive Biology Associates.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Mitchell-Leef’s for nearly ten years, starting with egg vitrification in 2005, through four rounds of IVF and the conception and birth of our healthy daughter in 2014.

Throughout the years, I have been incredibly touched by the kind and generous spirit of Dr. Mitchell-Leef – from the many personal phone calls on nights and weekends, to her willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate her out-of-town patients.

Despite that fact that she is a pioneer in her field and respected worldwide for her professional contributions, Dr. Mitchell-Leef never forgets that she is a mother first, lending her talents to those who want desperately to become mothers.

Dr. Mitchell-Leef goes above and beyond treating the medical issues of her patients and considers their emotional, psychological and spiritual well being. She cares deeply for her patients.

My family is extremely fortunate to have been touched by Dr. Mitchell-Leef.
— Anonymous (originally posted on RateMDs.com)

I am an old patient of Dr. Mitchell’s, from when she was at Emory. After going to one of the so called best doctors in Atlanta for 7.5 years with no success, I was recommended to Dr. Mitchell, she found and treated my problem and in a little over a year I was pregnant. Because of her I have a beautiful 26 year old daughter.
— Anonymous (originally posted on Vitals.com)

Prior to going to Dr Mitchell & RBA, my dh and I went to other doctors for several years without success. We were about to give up when we decided to go to RBA. Dr. Mitchell-Leef and the RBA team are great! After they diagnosed and resolved my fertility issue, I was pregnant within four months. Now, we have a healthy and happy baby boy. I’m very appreciative to Dr. Mitchell and RBA for my family.
— Anonymous (originally posted on RateMDs.com)

I’m 33 years old and recently froze my eggs (egg retrieval and preservation) through RBA of Atlanta and Dr. Mitchell-Leef specifically.
I am healthy, no one in my family has had fertility issues, and, in fact, my grandmother had a healthy child at the age of 37. After my consultation with Dr. Mitchell, she explained all of the steps I would need to take and advised me on which tests I needed to take as a first step. She even made suggestions of how I could save some money on some of the standard tests by getting them done through my primary care physician through my annual exam. I quickly found out that my AMH levels are surprisingly low for someone my age (my level was a .54 and I am 33 years old).
Dr. Mitchell was very patient and thorough. She answered all of my questions and even shared stories of the successes she had had with other patients despite difficult circumstances.
Despite my low AMH count, Dr. Mitchell was able to successfully freeze 10 eggs for me, which is a great result. After my procedure, Dr. Mitchell did a post- procedure consultation with me. Again- she was nothing but honest (and positive) about the results and the success rates. Although, to my excitement, she even explained that there is still the possibility for me to get pregnant naturally (and she would advocate me trying to do so), there is nothing like the sense of relief and “insurance policy” in knowing that should I need to use them, I have 10 healthy, 33 year old eggs to use in the future when I’m ready to start a family.
— Jennifer E. (originally posted on Yelp.com)

Saw Dr. Mitchell Leef in 2005 after trying to get pregnant for 3 years. Had already been to another office and no luck. She did exploratory surgery and found I had endometriosis so bad my bowel was wrapped around one of my ovaries. I also had a ovarian cysts, and tilted uterus. Long story short, 3 months later I was pregnant with triplets. They will be 8 this year. Can not say enough about her. She was very honest and direct and very thorough. After being coddled at the other doctor, I appreciated her honest and aggressive treatment. I would highly recommend her!
— Anonymous (originally posted on RateMDs.com)

So blessed to have found Dorothy and her team. It was a very emotional time, but the entire team there supported me through our ourney. Thankfully, we have three beautiful RBA children to show from it. Dr. Dorothy is so smart and will figure out your issues to help you get your family. I thank God for her everyday.
— Susie (originally posted on Kudzu.com)

God and Dorothy Mitchell-Leef gave us our children. Through thick and thin, she hung in there and I still think of her as a most beloved doctor 25 years later. My husband and I love her, are ever so grateful to her, and think most highly of her!
— Anonymous (originally posted on RateMDs.com)

Thank you Dr. Mitchell-Leef! After many years of infertility, we now have a lovely family of 3 children. Dr. Mitchell gave me total confidence that she had a plan and that we could become parents. If plan A didn’t work, then we’d try plan B, then plan C. We ended up needing plan E or F or G – but we now have 3 healthy babies. I HIGHLY recommend her. Go and talk to her!
— Anonymous (originally posted on RateMDs.com)

I recently delivered my second RBA baby thanks to Dr. Dorothy Mitchell-Leef and the RBA staff. Our RBA experience staff has been very positive even when we had some complications. Dr Mitchell and staff were positive, and the treatment was customized for the best possible outcome. We are thankful to Dr. Mitchell and RBA for our family.
— Anonymous (originally posted on Kudzu.com)

My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years. I’ve seen and interviewed almost every group in Atlanta. I went through 3 IUI treatments w/ another office and had no success. I got recommended to RBA by a friend of a friend. The day I meet with Dr. Mitchell-Leef I felt at ease and that she would make it happen. We are beyond excited to be expecting our first child this year! Their staff always remembers your name and are amazing. This process is not easy but they’ve made it easier. I’m so greatful that I found them!
— Anonymous (originally posted on Kudzu.com)

Dr. Mitchell-Leef was our miracle doctor. I visited 3 other infertility dr’s before finding her office and staff. They were unbelievable through the ivf process. Although, IVF was not the route I was hoping to go through the made the process as easy as it could be. Our first ivf we got pregnant with our beautiful baby girl. Dr. Mitchell-Leef’s experience and knowledge is really what made us feel at ease to take the next step. Her ivf nurse can be a little abrasive but she’s got a good heart and was incredibly helpful! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
— Anonymous (originally posted on RateMDs.com)

She was honest and caring. Told us upfront our chances of conception were low, but tried a real aggressive therapy with us. We are expecting our baby in Nov. She is a pioneer and doing things that other doctors are just now thinking about doing. She is not as concerned with her pregnancy stats as other clinics and immediately refer you for egg donation. She will try her best for you to use your own eggs. She is wonderful.
— Anonymous (originally posted on RateMDs.com)